Current Software

Director's Print Suite

This software is completely cloud based. Please visit our Vimeo account to view tutorials on using this cutting edge software. It is free to signup and use for customers who purchase our products. Visit to signup.

Director's Print Suite
Director's Print Suite

Precious Memories Designer (360 MB)

Software Requirements: Microsoft Word 2010 or above, full versions of Word only. Not Compatible with Starter versions of Word.

Precious Memories Designer
Precious Memories Designer

Reflections of Life Cloud (313 MB)

Software Requirements: Microsoft Word 2000 or above, full versions of Word only. Not compatible with Starter versions of Word.

**********Legacy Software***********

Why did our software become nonoperational?

Without becoming too technical, the update that rendered this legacy software nonoperational was NOT carried out by Bass-Mollett. We used a scripting language called PHP. Vulnerabilities were found in this open source language and an update was carried out due to a global security issue that left computers at risk worldwide. The update of the language eliminated this possible security risk, keeping all secure family information used by your funeral home safe; past, present, and future.

Was my funeral home put at risk?

No, this was a proactive update that canceled out any security risk before any information was breached.

How can I print service items for my family right now?

We have re-created Microsoft Word Templates to allow you to continue printing as you have been until you are able to comfortably learn Director’s Print Suite. For access to these templates please contact our IT department at

1-855-277-0436 or CLICK HERE.

Will this problem ever occur again?

There is potential for this to happen again if your firm only continues to use the temporary Microsoft Word Templates. We strongly encourage you to transition to Director’s Print Suite at your earliest convenience as we are unable to prevent Microsoft from continuing to update their systems, potentially rendering our re-created Microsoft Word Templates nonoperational at some future date.

This is why we started 3 years ago from the ground up designing and building DPS so we have complete control of the platform in the future.

Why is transitioning to Director’s Print Suite a better option?

It is fully operational, easier to use once learned, prints on the same paper you are already using, and offers your funeral home three printing options to help you better serve your families.

By not switching to our new cloud platform you are at risk of Microsoft making a change that is beyond Bass-Mollett’s control and rendering your Word Templates useless.

Bass-Mollett has complete control of the software offered in Director’s Print Suite, and therefore we are able to control future updates. Because of this control, we can guarantee Director’s Print Suite would never be rendered nonoperational. This program was designed with the security needs it mind, also keeping your funeral home completely secure.